I am an Israeli photographer based in Tel Aviv.

I was born and raised in kibbutz "Bait-Hashita" in Nothern Israel. There, I grew up surrounded by nature, running free in the open fields and meadows.


Later, when I moved to the city, I worked for many years as a therapist.

After having three wonderful kids, I changed course and became a professional photographer. 
I've found my passion in capturing life through photography.

There is always more than meets the eye.

I love people: meeting them for the first time, watching them open up during the shooting session and reveal themselves to my camera.

I feel blessed to be able to capture fragments of their lives and share their life story.  


2020 "Negufim", Haifa Museum of art, Haifa.
2020 "Bubba Ima" Photography Exhibit together with Shani Rozenthal in Avram Hotel, Tel Aviv

2019 "Intransition", Hanasich, Tel Aviv

2019 Israel's International Photography Festival #7 - "PHOTO IS: REAL", Tel Aviv
2018 "Intransition" , Ken Hakukia, Tel Aviv

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